LUCKY LOU Adult Senior Cat Pouch - Poultry & Beef

LUCKY LOU Adult Senior Cat Pouch - Poultry & Beef

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Lucky Lou Lifestage Adult Senior Poultry & Beef
Hey, it's me - Lucky Lou. But you can also just call me Lucky or Lou! As you like, I'm quite chilled there.

You live with kittens, adult cats like me or senior cats and they are always hungry? Then I have something for you. Because I once thought about what we cats actually want. We are the best hunters in the world and real carnivores! Do you actually know what cat-friendly natural food consists of? Do you have an idea? I analyzed it using a mouse as an example. A mouse consists of the following ingredients: approx. 60% meat, approx. 35% animal by-products (including heart, lungs, bones, etc.) and approx. 5% carbohydrates such as raw vegetable fibers - moisture content approx. 70%.

And here it comes! What nature can do, I can do too and even better. That's why the complete food for cool cats can also bear MY name! My cat food consists of more than 94% meat or fish, offal and cooking liquid and around 2% vegetable carbohydrates, 1% minerals and a small amount of high-quality oil. As you can see, that's even better than a mouse! And because I'm smart, there are no grains, gluten or added sugars in my food. I'm just a fan of real taste!

Lucky Lou Lifestage is produced in Germany so that I can keep a close eye on the production of my feed. Made in Germany stands for quality and Lucky Lou is premium!
Poultry 50% (consisting of heart, muscle meat, liver, stomach, neck and fat), poultry and beef stock 34.8%, beef 10% (consisting of heart, muscle meat, liver and lung), carrots 2%, pumpkin 2%, minerals 1%, evening primrose oil 0.2%
Analytical components:
crude protein 10.2%, fat content 6%, crude ash 2.5%, crude fiber 0.4%, moisture 80%, NfE: 0.9

Pets Nature GmbH was founded in June 1999 by Martin Schupp with a great deal of idealism and out of conviction – conviction that idealism and good business acumen can go hand in hand with the right company philosophy. In 2002, Christian Numsen joined Pets Nature.

Over the years, the company has grown together to become a fixture in the German feed trade, without losing sight of the original principles. In addition to carefully selected, high-quality feed, they have relied on friendly and competent customer service and fast shipping right from the start.