O'CANIS Dog Wet Food - Goat & Potatoes, Carrots & Parsley

O'CANIS Dog Wet Food - Goat & Potatoes, Carrots & Parsley

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Net weight: 400g

O'Canis goat with potatoes, carrots and parsley is a complete feed and offers you fresh, purely natural ingredients of the highest quality standard. O'Canis does not use artificial flavors, preservatives or colorings. Due to the gentle processing, the wet food is particularly low-irritant. The optimal combination of ingredients guarantees very good acceptance and digestibility. High bioavailability ensures lower feed consumption. O'Canis goat with potatoes, carrots and parsley, in its own juice, processed with fresh meat - suitable for all ages.

O'Canis Goat with Potatoes, Carrots and Parsley consists of just four ingredients - 50% goat meat, 26% potatoes, 23% carrots and 1% parsley.

All of our O'Canis wet foods are manufactured under the highest supervision of the raw materials and only with one protein source or type of meat.

  • Monoprotein
  • Grain/gluten free
  • Free from additives
  • Free from artificial vitamins

Protein sources from controlled rearing, husbandry and slaughter.

Gentle processing and optimal combination of all ingredients for high acceptance and digestibility.