PETS DELI Wet Food for Cats - Chicken with Catnip & Linseed Oil

PETS DELI Wet Food for Cats - Chicken with Catnip & Linseed Oil

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Complete feed for adult cats

Species-appropriate meat enjoyment with fresh side dishes? There is, with our wet food Pure Meat in the seductively delicious variety of chicken with catnip and linseed oil. With a high proportion of high-quality muscle meat , our Pure Meat, which is close to the prey, provides your velvet paw with all the nutrients it needs for a balanced diet .

Fresh chicken provides your four-legged friend with a lot of energy in the form of valuable proteins, which are an integral part of healthy muscle cells . During the gentle cooking, a tasty meat broth escapes from the chicken. This makes the wet food particularly juicy and provides your cat with important fluids .

Our recipe is refined with catnip, which naturally promotes acceptance .

Linseed oil is rich in high-quality  omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins  and  nutrients and rounds off this tasty, species-appropriate meal perfectly.


70.0% chicken (consisting of chicken hearts, chicken meat, chicken stomachs, chicken livers, chicken necks, chicken fat), 28.8% broth, 1.0% minerals, 0.1% linseed oil, 0.1% catnip