SELECT GOLD Pure Adult Cat Wet Food  - Pure Wild Boar

SELECT GOLD Pure Adult Cat Wet Food - Pure Wild Boar

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Wild boar 72% (from meat, hearts, lungs, liver), drinking water (26.9%), minerals (1%), inulin (0.1%).


With up to 72% of an animal protein source and the conscious avoidance of the use of vegetable carbohydrate sources in the form of cereals, vegetables and potatoes - ideal for feeding very sensitive cats.

The recipes of the SELECT GOLD Pure Premium wet food contain up to 72% of a selected animal protein source (e.g. chicken or beef) and deliberately avoid the use of carbohydrates in the form of grain, vegetables or potatoes, making them particularly suitable for cats with particularly sensitive diets .

The recipes are also tailored to the nutritional needs of adult cats. No added sugar, soy, preservatives or colorings.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Pure = pure meat and offal
  • For sensitive digestion & food intolerance
  • Very easy to digest, few ingredients
  • Without vegetable carbohydrates, such as cereals or potatoes
  • With only one animal protein source (e.g. beef)
  • High meat content with 72%
  • Quality from Germany

Complete food for adult cats (≥ 1 year)


Eligible for MELLO rewards points redemption.