CATZ FINEFOOD Fillets N°409 - Turkey Chicken & Rabbit

CATZ FINEFOOD Fillets N°409 - Turkey Chicken & Rabbit

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Finest fillet meat 

A complete feed made from the finest German fillet meat, that is catz finefood fillets. As pure carnivores, cats primarily need animal proteins. Therefore, the best chicken and turkey fillets are the basic ingredient. There are also delicious offal, supplemented with minerals and valuable oil. The digestible wet food also contains chia seeds to support digestion. They are also rich in essential fatty acids. The succulent menus in seven delicious varieties provide cats with all the nutrients they need every day. The transparent declaration provides precise information about all the ingredients contained. Additives such as flavorings, colorings and preservatives or sugar do not appear there. Naturally tasty food does not need flavor enhancers. Since catz finefood fillets is grain and gluten free, It is ideal for nutritionally sensitive cats. catz finefood – the 4-paw delicatessen. Mmmmeow!


Turkey fillet 40%, broth 38.6%, rabbit hearts 10%, turkey liver 5%, chicken fat 5%, minerals 1%, chia seeds 0.2%, borage oil 0.2%

Analytical Components

moisture 80%, crude protein 10.9%, fat content 5%, crude ash 2.1%, crude fiber 0.4%

Pets Nature GmbH was founded in June 1999 by Martin Schupp with a great deal of idealism and out of conviction – conviction that idealism and good business acumen can go hand in hand with the right company philosophy. In 2002, Christian Numsen joined Pets Nature.

Over the years, the company has grown together to become a fixture in the German feed trade, without losing sight of the original principles. In addition to carefully selected, high-quality feed, they have relied on friendly and competent customer service and fast shipping right from the start.