CATZ FINEFOOD x ZOOPLUS Monoprotein Cat Wet Food - Duck

CATZ FINEFOOD x ZOOPLUS Monoprotein Cat Wet Food - Duck

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Product weight: 200g/can

With a wet cat food like this catz finefood Monoprotein Can , your sensitive cat no longer needs to miss out on irresistible flavours and tasty nutrition. It is tailored to your cat’s individual nutritional situation as well as containing delicious ingredients. This wet food contains exclusively one type of meat per flavour variety, acting as a single source of animal protein. It is grain-free and contains no formed meat, bone meal or soya protein, making it ideal as an exclusion diet. It is free from sugar and all ingredients are GMO-free.

Catz Finefood Monoprotein Can at a glance:

  • High-quality wet food for cats
  • Exclusively available at zooplus
  • Mono-protein: contains just a single type of meat per flavour variety, making it ideal as an exclusion diet
  • With plenty of meat: tasty meat and offal in delicious stock, with a 70% meat content
  • Grain-free recipe: suitable for cats with allergies or intolerances
  • No added sugar or soya protein
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours, attractants or preservatives
  • No GMOs
  • Selected ingredients: free from formed meat and bone meal
  • Available in a variety of tasty flavours
  • Made in Germany


Duck (70%, comprising muscle meat, heart, stomach, neck, liver), duck stock (28.8%), minerals (1%), safflower oil (0.2%). 


Pets Nature GmbH was founded in June 1999 by Martin Schupp with a great deal of idealism and out of conviction – conviction that idealism and good business acumen can go hand in hand with the right company philosophy. In 2002, Christian Numsen joined Pets Nature.

Over the years, the company has grown together to become a fixture in the German feed trade, without losing sight of the original principles. In addition to carefully selected, high-quality feed, they have relied on friendly and competent customer service and fast shipping right from the start.