DOLINA NOTECI Superfood Pouch for Cats - Duck & Beef

DOLINA NOTECI Superfood Pouch for Cats - Duck & Beef

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The carefully selected recipe is based on meat and animal products from duck, beef and chicken. It takes into account the specific nutritional requirements of cats that are carnivores, which is why the high proportion of these raw materials, which account for as much as 80% of the total composition, deserves attention. Thanks to this, the food is a source of the most important nutrients for a cat, i.e. high-quality protein and n-3 and n-6 ​​fatty acids, reducing the risk of local inflammation. Both duck meat and beef are a source of iron that ensures proper blood management and protects against selenium oxidative stress. They also provide B-group vitamins valuable for the functioning of the whole organism. the composition of the feed has been supplemented with additives showing a beneficial effect on the digestive tract and enhancing the taste and aroma - New Zealand green lip mussels, peppermint, linseed, spirulina and fenugreek seeds.


Duck 30% (hearts, meat 10%, liver, stomachs), beef 30% (lungs, liver, hearts, meat 5%, stomachs), chicken 20% (hearts, liver, stomachs, skins), broth, minerals, flaxseed 0.1%, New Zealand green lip mussels 0.02%, spirulina 0.02%, peppermint 0.01%, fenugreek seeds 0.01%.

Analytical components

Crude protein - 11%, crude fat - 6%, crude ash - 1.5%, crude fiber - 1%, moisture - 79%, calcium - 0.3%, phosphorus - 0.25%.

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About DOLINA NOTECI: In the northern part of the Wielkopolska province right beside the highest hill, Dębowa Góra, amidst picturesque countryside, “Dolina Noteci” – one of the most modern pet food production plants in Europe is situated. The name itself reflects not only the rural location of the company, but also its activity which are a healthy lifestyle and properly combined food for pets, made with love. The pet food is made up of the best raw materials, high-quality products, fresh fruit and vegetables from local suppliers. Thanks to the gifts of nature offered by this clean region, the food produced at Dolina Noteci satisfies even the most sophisticated animal palate. Most importantly, the whole process may be viewed by anyone, as the facility has been adapted for being visited by animal lovers.