FELLICITA Wet Food for Cats - Pure Rabbit

FELLICITA Wet Food for Cats - Pure Rabbit

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Fellicita - the brand when it comes to high-quality and species-appropriate cat food.
Pure rabbit - 100% natural and grain-free -the delicatessen for your cat

Pure rabbit as a monoprotein variety is particularly suitable for nutritionally sensitive cats. It contains lots of rabbit muscle meat and is free from soy protein and grains.


Rabbit meat, heart, liver, kidney (70%), rabbit broth (29%), minerals (0.9%), dried egg shells (0.1%)

Analytical components

Protein 11.00%, fat content 6.50%, crude fiber 0.40%, crude ash 2.20%, calcium 0.3%,phosphorus 0.25%, moisture 79.00%

Package weight 200g

About FELLICITA: The founders and managing directors of Fellicita are Steffi Leistner and the veterinarian Amelie Krause. We have been friends since school and we also share a love of animals. In 2014 we decided to found the company Fellicita and to develop high-quality and healthy food for dogs and cats , which on the one hand meets the nutritional needs of the animals and on the other hand is made from high-quality raw materials . In addition, the food of course should also taste good to our favourite companions. After lengthy research, training, advice from experts and careful selection of the producer and supplier, the first recipes were created. However, we had to accept a few setbacks in the development of the cat food formulas and have learned that there is an art to meeting the taste of cats, especially in the long run. Nevertheless, we made it and created our special food. The premium feed from Fellicita fulfills requirements, quality, acceptance and many more criteria . A food that makes dogs and cats and their owners equally happy. And here we come to our company name. What does Fellicita actually mean? Quite simply: Felicità meansluck (Italian). And why the double "l"? Because for us it's mainly about our pets with fur that we want to make happy. Hence " Felicita ".