GUSSTO Cat Wet Food Pouch - Fresh Chicken

GUSSTO Cat Wet Food Pouch - Fresh Chicken

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Made in Germany


Fully-fledged, complete and excellently balanced Super Premium cat food. Produced from 100% of the highest quality meat, following the highest human food standards. Gussto is the quintessence of good, healthy nutrition. Contains a lot of meat, ideal for cats' specific nutritional needs. It is a single-protein food, therefore complete, easily digestible and very well assimilated, also recommended for cats with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract. Also used in elimination diets for food allergies. An excellent calcium/phosphorus balance minimizes the risk of urinary tract and kidney diseases. In addition, the Gussto feed contains many necessary vitamins and minerals, is rich in taurine and biotin,

Composition: 70% chicken (about 2/3 meat and hearts, about 1/3 liver, stomach, necks), 28.8% broth, 1% minerals, 0.2% safflower oil.

Analytical components: protein 10.8%, fat content 6.2%, crude ash 2.4%, crude fiber 0.4%, moisture 80%.

Product spec: e85g

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