HERRMANN'S Cat Wet Food 100g

HERRMANN'S Cat Wet Food 100g

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Our menus for cats consist of only one animal protein source (with the exception of salmon and chicken), and the meat content is over 90%. Each menu is rounded off individually with valuable nutrients from vegetables, a trace of additional fibre and organic oils. Natural taurine comes from the heart muscle, among other things. To meet the necessary taurine requirements, the cat menus will continue to be supplemented with taurine.

For the 2022 relaunch, we have tested each menu individually and optimally adapted it to the FEDIAF guideline values: with natural supplements such as knotweed or brewer's yeast. A nutrient mix with trace elements optimizes the nutrient content.

  • From our own production in Germany
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • GMO-free
  • No factory farming. Without animal testing
  • No added sugar or flavour enhancers. Without flavourings, attractants, colourings and preservatives