ISEGRIM Dog Wet Food  - Adult Duck with Parsnip Sea Buckthorn Berries & Wild Herbs

ISEGRIM Dog Wet Food - Adult Duck with Parsnip Sea Buckthorn Berries & Wild Herbs

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Natural, appropriate to the species and tasty as the varied food spectrum from the wolf. Duck meat , vitamin C -containing sea buckthorn berries and wild herb mix make this balanced menu a pleasure.



Meat and animal derivatives (33 % duck, 30 % poultry), broth (29 %), vegetable (3,8 % parsnip), fruits (3 % sea buckthorn berries), minerals (1 %), herbals (0,1 %), oils and fats (0,1 % salmon oil).

Analytical Components

Protein 10,8 %, fat content 4,5 %, crude ash 2,5 %, crude fibre 0,5 %, moisture 80 %.


About Isegrim ®:

isegrim® super-premium food – a new level of pet food!
The dog originated from the wolf and evolved as a hunter – his jaw, teeth and digestive system show that he is still a carnivore. This is the reason why isegrim® provides the perfect nutrition for your dog — a meat based nourishment which is rich in animal protein and fat!

Only high quality, natural ingredients
High content of fresh meat
Biologically appropriate
isegrim® features the highest fresh meat inclusions of wet and dry dog food!
Its Biologically Appropriate ratio:

in wet food of 92% meat & broth / 8 % fruits, vegetables & wild herbs / 0% grain
in dry food 92% meat & vegetables / 8% fruits & wild herbs / 0% grain
Positive aspects of isegrim® pet food:
No artificial flavors or colors. No reconstructed meat-chunks. No formed meat. No preservatives. No grain. No bones. No sugar. No soya.

Eligible for MELLO rewards points redemption.