LOVE IS WHERE A CAT IS® 85g- Chicken & Rabbit
LOVE IS WHERE A CAT IS® 85g- Chicken & Rabbit
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LOVE IS WHERE A CAT IS® 85g- Chicken & Rabbit

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  • Lovely and yummy cat food :-)
  • No grain
  • 100% beef meat
  • Premium complete food for adult cats
  • Made in Germany
  • Product weight: 200g
Lovely and yummy cat food :-)
LOVE IS WHERE A CAT IS® only gives your beloved furry friend what it really needs. High-quality animal proteins, valuable oil, vitamins and minerals. All without grains and other unnecessary fillers.

High-quality animal proteins: Cats are carnivores and therefore need food with a high meat content. LOVE IS WHERE A CAT IS® contains 70% meat or fish and thus provides the optimal amount of high-quality animal proteins for a healthy diet for your velvet paw.
Valuable Oil:The valuable salmon oil in LOVE IS WHERE A CAT IS® contains the two essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which can have a positive effect on your furry friend's immune system and cardiovascular system.
Vitamins and minerals: The mix of vitamins, minerals and vital taurine also ensures more health and vitality for your four-legged friend.
Grain-free: Grain has no place in high-quality cat food. It contains many carbohydrates that are difficult for cats to digest and cannot be used at all. It's also a cheap bulking agent that can lead to gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea and food allergies.

Beef (consisting of hearts, meat, livers, lungs): 70%, broth: 26.8%, tapioca: 2%, minerals: 1%, salmon oil: 0.2% energy content

per 100 g:
0.56 MJ/134 kcal

Analytical components:
protein: 10.8%, fat content: 8.3%, crude ash: 2.2%, crude fiber: 0.4%, moisture: 75%, calcium: 0.27%, phosphorus: 0.24% , Sodium: 0.17%

About Dr.Link:


The premium pet food brand is named after Dr. medical vet Hans-Peter Link - Veterinarian and naturopath with passion. He lives with his family south of Hamburg in the Nordheide.

Animal nutrition was a topic that kept preoccupying him in his daily work and when dealing with animals, and the fact that an animal's health is significantly influenced by its diet gave him the idea of ​​a concept with really healthy, natural pet food to develop. Sick animals should be optimally cared for and healthy dogs and cats should be protected as far as possible from the development of chronic diseases.

In 2009, the idea became reality and he created the Dr. Link® pet food.

The premium range includes a wide variety of wet food for all dogs and cats. dr Link® PURE SENSITIVE for pure grain-free enjoyment with a high meat content, Dr. Link® SUPER NATURAL with real superfoods, a high meat content and the power algae chlorella as well as the Dr. Link® SPECIAL DIET to support therapeutic measures by veterinarians.