MAMA COOK ママクック Freeze-dried Pork Hearts 120g (CATS & DOGS)

MAMA COOK ママクック Freeze-dried Pork Hearts 120g (CATS & DOGS)

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BB 2023.03.03


Popular No. 1 Treats in Japan!!

*This product is suitable for BOTH cats and dogs, which is labeled on product package.
Pig hearts with excellent bites! 
Fresh domestic pork hearts are finished with the DFD manufacturing method.

It is highly nutritious because it contains rich vitamin B group, iron and copper. By all means for picky eaters!

Give as treats or as toppings as it is.

Crude protein 65.8% or more
Crude fat 27.4% or more
Crude fiber 0% or less
Crude ash 3.5% or less
Crude moisture 3% or less
Calorie(per 100g) 511kcal


Weight Estimated daily consumption
~ 2kg About 2g-3g
2-5kg About 3g-5g
5kg ~ About 5g-8g


ABOUT MAMA COOK: What is delicious for pets, what pets really like, is still "raw" material. The taste of food is inherited as the instinct goes and lives from ancient times. 

Mama Cook's products are freeze-dried with safe and secure domestic ingredients that are almost "raw", so the taste, aroma, and nutrients are alive. Therefore, it has a much better bite than other pet foods. Freeze-dried made by Mama Cook's special manufacturing method does not miss the deliciousness of high-quality meat and ingredients.

Eligible for MELLO rewards points redemption.