MJAMJAM Cat Wet Food - Mix Package II

MJAMJAM Cat Wet Food - Mix Package II

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Complete feed for cats

Net weight: 200g x 6


MjAMjAM – Mix Pack II

These meals offer your little one everything they need. The fresh meat is refined with crunchy and healthy ingredients, giving it a unique and exclusive culinary experience. “Species-appropriate, close to nature and prey” – for us this means a very high meat content. Grains, sugar, preservatives or flavorings as well as synthetic binding agents are completely avoided.


The following varieties are included:

2x MjAMjAM - hearty game & rabbit with fruity blueberries

2x MjAMjAM - tender duck & poultry with delicious carrots

2x MjAMjAM - good turkey with steamed pumpkin