【2024.04F】MORI-NYU Premium Cat Milk

【2024.04F】MORI-NYU Premium Cat Milk

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BB 2024.04

Net weight: 150g
  • A specially prepared milk powder (general nutrition food) for kittens (lactation / lactation) made only from carefully selected raw materials.
  • The ingredients are close to those of cat's milk. Newborn kittens can be bred with premium cat milk alone.
  • Lactose is adjusted, and it is a milk that is gentle on the stomach.
  • Excellent solubility due to special processing technology.
  • It contains lactoferrin, a protein important for maintaining the health of living organisms, and nucleotides (nucleic acids), which are constituent units of DNA and have various functions.
  • Contains first milk (cow) containing immunoglobulin.
  • Formulated with DHA for healthy growth and development.
  • Contains inositol, which is abundant in breast milk and supports growth by maintaining good health.
  • Contains live bacteria that support the maintenance of tummy health and milk oligosaccharides that promote the growth of bacteria.
  • Contains milk ceramide containing sphingomyelin, which is important for the development of the brain and nervous system.
  • We have strengthened the combination of 300 mg / 100 g of taurine, which is used for the development of brain, central nervous system, and retinal tissue.
  • It can also be used for adult cats and senior cats. (A guideline is within 20% of the calories required per day)

Protein38.0% or more

Lipids24.0% or more

Crude fiber 0.3% or less

Ash7.0% or less

Moisture6.0% or less

Metabolic energy (ME)500kcal / 100g

Amount of powdered milk given at one time (g)
Postnatal age Standard weight (g) Standard amount per dose (g) Standard number of feedings per day
1-5 days 130 2 6-8 times
6-10 days 180 3 5-6 times
11th to 15th 230 4 4-5 times
16th to 20th 280 5 4-5 times
21st to 25th 330 5.5 5.5 4-5 times
26th to 30th 390 8 3-4 times