VENANDI ANIMAL Premium Katzenfutter als Mono-Protein 125g - Turkey Hen

VENANDI ANIMAL Premium Katzenfutter als Mono-Protein 125g - Turkey Hen

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*Venandi's transitioning to new packaging. You may receive old packaging depending on batches, this is not a quality issue. 

Feather-light food - Venandi wet food turkey guarantees an incomparable taste thanks to the native and exquisite ingredients and provides your cat with all the important nutrients. Venandi Turkey is also ideal for cats with sensitive digestion, as the processing of only one protein source in the menu results in a very high level of tolerability. In addition to fresh muscle meat, nutritious offal is included, which naturally covers the need for vitamins and minerals.


Turkey meat, heart, liver, gizzard 71%, meat broth 28%, minerals 0.5%, egg shells (dried) 0.5%.

Analytical Components

11% crude protein, 6% fat content, 2.2% crude ash, 0.4% crude fiber, 79% moisture, 0.25% calcium, 0.2% phosphorus, 0.15% potassium, 0.12% sodium.


About Venandi: Natural, genuine, original - that's Venandi. We follow in the footsteps of the ancestors of our domestic cats and see it as our responsibility to meet their high standards.

Therefore, we take into account the properties of their digestive system and the requirements of their original nature. Every step of our production process is geared towards this, starting with the breeding and selection of our raw materials. We only use native ingredients and a gentle preparation process for the highest possible quality and valuable feed, which provides our animals with all the necessary nutrients. We use 100% fresh, food-grade meat and do not use any of the following: grains and gluten, soy, animal meals, chemical dyes and attractants, vegetable by-products, synthetic preservatives, synthetic binders, other artificial additives.