WILDS LAND Classic Adult Cat Wet Food - Rabbit & Chicken

WILDS LAND Classic Adult Cat Wet Food - Rabbit & Chicken

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MHD 02.12.2024 onwards


Complete feed for adult cats

Wild Land rabbit and chicken from the Classic line

The packaging size of 100 grams is a comparatively small amount of wet food. It is particularly suitable for cat owners of small animals or for people who want to offer their cat a varied diet. Because of the manageable content, you can give your cat's food all at once. It is therefore worth ordering this in the larger quantity of 48.

The wet food with the rabbit & chicken flavor is characterized by a high proportion of meat and offal of 68%. It is made on the basis of a grain-free recipe, and the wet food does not contain any colours, preservatives or flavorings. Wildes Land products are well accepted by cats - this proves to be an advantage, especially when changing their diet. The food is also rich in vitamins and minerals to meet your cat's daily needs. Among other things, it contains zinc, vitamin D3, iodine, copper and taurine. So you can be sure that your darling will enjoy the best quality.


Chicken 40% (heart, meat, liver, stomachs, necks), broth 28.7%, rabbit 28% (heart, liver), cranberries 2%, minerals 1%, safflower oil 0.3%

Analytical components

Crude protein 10.4%, crude fat 5.8%, crude ash 2.5%, crude fiber 0.4%, moisture 80%, calcium 0.20%-0.26%, phosphorus 0.15%-0.19%* .


About WILDS LAND: Wildes Land stands for species-appropriate and natural nutrition for dogs and cats. We produce high-quality dog ​​and cat food that is tailored to the natural needs of our pets. Our feed is characterized by extra meat, no grain/no gluten, feed with a high level of acceptance and digestibility and the use of valuable wild herbs. Out of love for our animals, "pure nature" comes straight into the bowl for us!